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What are dental implants?

Dental implants are titanium alloy implants that are anchored into the jawbone Titanium alloy is the material that is used in joint replacement procedures (knee and hips). It's strong lightweight and has been proven safe.

Who is a candidate for dental implants?

You may be a candidate for dental implants If:

You have one or more missing teeth.

You are wearing a full or partial denture/ loose denture.

You have problems with existing crowns or bridges.

Benefits of dental implants

Avoids grinding down healthy teeth for conventional bridgework .

Avoids bone loss and gum recession associated with tooth loss.

Makes dentures secure.

Improves speech.

Helps promote long-term facial integrity.

Laser Dentistry

LASER:( Light amplification by Stimulated Emission of radiation)

Surgical Laser or high intensity laser treatment

Non -surgical or Low Level Laser Treatment

Laser absorption and diffusion in the tissue provoke a photoactive response , resulting from the tissue photo destruction or photoactivation.

Surgical Laser: uaually causes photodestruction of cell raising raising tissue temperature,creating photothermal effect vaporising the cell hydric contene and carbonizing the tissue.

Non Surgical : (LLTT) Laser causes photoactivation , it increases the cells metabolic activity in the irradiated area .It has anti-inflammatory ,analgesic effect and causes fast tissue healing.


No anesthesia required.

No bleeding , no pain, no infection and swelling and hence faster wound healing.

Less overall chair side time.

No damage to adjoining tissues.

Full range of high precision safe hard and soft tissue treatments available.


Endodontic : MAjority of root canal failures are due to incomplete removal of tissue from the canals Laser tip when inserted into yhe canals burns any tissue left and hence achieve root canal sterilization.
Other applications include pulp capping ,apicectomy.

Surgery : A non invasive procedure by lasers provides better results and is cost effective. In medically compromised patients especially those suffering from hypertension, diabetes, cardiac problems, organ transplant and epilepsy where surgery is contraindicated , surgical procedures by lasers have proved extremely comfortable for the patients.
Laser incision and excision, hemostasis,gingivectomy,gummy smile correction frenectomy,melanin depigmentation,gingival hyperplasia, abscess,fibroma, granuloma, epulis, fistula, haemangioma, apthous ulcers are some of the soft tisue laser applications.

Implantology : Peri implant sterilisation, biostimulation,implant recovery.

Priodontology : A non invasive procedure for pocket disinfection,gingivoplasty,curettage.(Laser pocket thermolysis)

Aesthetics : Whitening of teeth, crown lengthening procedure, gummy smile correction and depigmentation.

Pericoronal Flap Removal : Tissue overlying the erupting teeth often causes pain and recurrent infection in the third molar area .Flap can be excised and the problem can be solved within few minutes by lasers.


Pain Control : Analgesic Action,dentinal Hypersensitivity,Paraesthesia resulting from surgical procedures in dentistry.Treatment of Traumatic Facial Paralysis.

Clinical Indications : Alveolitis, angular chelitis, benign migratory glossitis,odontalgia, pericoronitis,dentinal hypersensitivity,mucositis, paresthesia,TMJ joint Dysfunction, traumatic ulcer,Pericoronitis.OSMF_ effective mouth opening can be achieved by cutting fibrotic bands with lasers.

White Patches : Leukoplakia can be treated by laser surgery.BIOPSY- Cystic lesions,benign tumor excision can be done by lasers.

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Cosmetic Dentistry Sclupting A New Smile.

Think of the last time you posed for a picture. Did you flash your pearly whites or did you hide your teeth? Today, many people benefit from Cosmetic Dentistry. A wide range of techniques are available that can enhance almost any smile.

Gone are the days when you had to settle for chipped, stained and crooked teeth. A revolution in newer technology and materials ensure that cosmetically enhanced teeth now look more natural and last longer than they did in the past.

Skillfully blending science and art, we at Dental Care centre for Cosmetic Dentistry can "sculpt" a more attractive smile for you.A smile is a powerful way for you to communicate.

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Microscopic Root Canal Therapy

Its gives a better vision and precise view,for a more successful procedure.

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Tooth jewellery is a brilliant way to add sparkles to your smile and stand out of the crowd. So surprise your friends with a sparkling crystal or something in gold with a twinkle of ruby or diamond.No drilling involved, so absolutely a harmless procedure to adorn your pearls.