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General Anaesthesia & Conscious Sedation :

Providing General Anaesthesia in our dental operatories is risk oriented.Hence we do not provide general anaesthesia in our practice. But we do provide conscious sedation to our patients where in patients do not go to sleep, but are aware of surroundings ,still they do not feel the pain associated with the dental treatment.

This ensures that

Patients is under care.

Patient is professionally well managed.

Procedure is conducted in a well equipped manner.

Facilities for medical emergencies are on standby.

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24 hours Emergency Services

Whenever you feel uneasy or need dental doctor we are available 24x7 round the clock,to deal with all kinds of emergencies. You can contact us on our Emergency no. :


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Pediatric Dentistry

All our pediatric patients are given special care and attention so that they feel at home and comfortable during the dental treatment.

Best dental implant centre in bhopal
Handicapped & Special Patient

We are located on the ground level which ensures easy maneuvering of the patients. A wheel chair on demand is also available and a stress free dental treatment is provided to our special patients.

Best root canal & laser Specialist in Bhopal
Home Visits

We at dental care centre provide treatment to our elderly at home with our mobile dental equipments,which also ensures safe and sterilized way of treatment.

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Payment Option

Patients have a choice to pay by credit card,cash or by cheque thus ensuring hassle free payment facilities.

Best dental implant centre in bhopal
5 Star Schedulings

Dental Care Centre "CAD"provides a wide range of services to its National and International Patients and their family members, ensuring them a pleasant and comfortable experience throughout their stay. Our services include:

Examination & Diagnosis

Coordination of all appointments with Specialist

Travel Arrangements

Accommodation (if required)

Sight seeing tours and packages (if required)

There are 2 ways the Treatment Plan is arrived at:

From Originating Country: From the patients residence/office, after initial contact, diagnostic aids such as x-rays, photographs, etc are sent to us via postal mail, or via email. From this, a Provisional Diagnosis, Provisional Treatment Plan, and Estimated Cost is arrived at and sent back to the patient for approval. Details such as number of appointments, duration of treatment, accommodation, sight seeing, etc are discussed.

On arrival at the facility, after thorough examination and evaluation, a final definitive diagnosis and finalized treatment plan is made.