Treatment : Cosmetic corrections and smile designing

Midline teeth space correction by cosmetic filling process.

  Cosmetic correction of malaligment teeth.

Teeth Whitening

Replacement of missing teeth by ceramic bridge.

Broken tooth crown correction by cosmetic filling material.

Cosmetic correction of the entire tooth.

Full mouth rehabilitation




Replacement of missing teeth by implant supported teeth.

Implants Supported Denture

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Replacement of all missing teeth by implant supported fixed teeth

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Laser treatment

Discolored gums correction by laser cosmetic treatment (Depigmentation).

Teeth whitening laser.

Cyst removal by laser.

Frenectomy via laser

Frenectomy by laser treatment of orthodontic patient

Broken front tooth treated with cosmetic restoration (Post core glass fiber placement inside the tooth for repair of fracture crown structure buildup)

Crown Lengthening via laser

laser biostimulation treatment for tmj

For the gum infection pocket decontamination by laser

Gum treatment

Silver filling replacement by tooth color filling

Replacement of accident anterior avulsed teeth by Replantaion.

Replacement of milk teeth in adult patient with the help of implant supported fixed prosthodontic teeth

Orthodontic Treatment (Correction of irregular teeth)

Replacement of Missing Teeth by fixed prostodontic bridge teeth

Missing tooth replace by implant support tooth

Gingivectomy (Treatment of Gums Swelling)